Online Journal:
Asia-Pacific Youth Forum on Humanities and Social Sciences

Why this forum?

With a view to developing literacies in social sciences such as geography, economics, history, linguistics, political science, and sociology, as well as skills of utilizing literature, historical sources, and fieldwork data, the Taiwanese Association for Simulation Education (SimEd Taiwan) organizes the Asia Pacific Youth Forum on Humanities and Social Sciences for adolescents from the Asia-Pacific region to transform their academic interests into fruitful research outcomes.

The Forum envisions to create a platform for idea exchange among high schoolers with analytical and critical thinking from different cultural backgrounds.

Read the annual regulation for more information on the Forum.

Forum highlights in 2020

With a view to encouraging students to dig into research on social issues, the Taiwanese Association for Simulation Education (SimEd Taiwan)—the host of the Taiwanese Economics Olympiad (TEO)—envisions to open up more opportunities for youngsters not only from Taiwan but also from overseas. An online journal of the Asia Pacific Youth Forum on Humanities and Social Sciences is now a pick for high school students with passion for humanitarian and social issues!

In 2020, a great number of articles passed the two-round review process and are accepted in the journal. The two-round review process includes first-round academic reviews and feedback and second-round editor reviews and feedback.

As COVID-19 is still a pandemic with unforeseeable solutions in the world, most essays focus on relations between the pandemic and society, e.g. health inequality, learning gaps, technology in disease prevention, and life in the post-pandemic era. Some other articles focus on sustainable development around the authors’ communities, including externalities of industrial activity and development justice in rural areas.

Most authors are from Taiwan. The Forum also received articles from China, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Authors of accepted articles all shed light on issues in their communities or societies. Discussions on COVID-19 is thus a good example for better understanding of how global public health challenges have been experienced and dealt with in different societal contexts.

Although the Forum is just at its initial stage, the power of youth to change the world is always an aspiration of the Forum organizer. With the aspiration in mind, we look forward to future sparks of knowledge ignited in the Forum for a better world!

Academic works from young talents

Surnames beginning with L, M, N, O, P, Q

Air Pollution Overturn by COVID-19: Chance to Save the World
Yen-Chen Lai

ROC Consumer Voucher vs. ROC Triple Stimulus Voucher
Chi Lee

The Last Wealth Insurance: Gold ETFs or Physical Gold?
Ching-Wei Lin

The Key to Contain the Spread of the COVID-19? The Development History, Prospects and Challenges of E-Commerce
Congzhe Lin

How Will COVID-19 Shape Public Events? A Case Study of the NBA
Aiden Jay Lo

Using SIR Model with Population Flow to Simulate Transmission of COVID-19 between Counties in Taiwan
Po-Ting Lin, Becker Cheng, Chi-Wei Chen

“Sing Sweet but Put a Little Dirt on It”—a Service or Disservice? Hualien Asia Cement Corporation’s Externalities and Its Internalization
Shih-Chen Lin, Yo-Jhen Tseng, Chien-Wei Fang, Huan-Chi Tseng

Lead Them Through the Shadows: An Investigation of the Marginalized Homeless in Wanhua
Wei-Che Lin

Is Epidemic Really Affecting the Civil Aviation Industry? Exploring the Spatial Patterns of Passenger Capacity Fluctuation in East China
Jiayu Liu

The Relationship Between the United States and Crude Oil, and How America Uses It to Expand Its Hegemony?
Po-Ting Liu

A comparison of the technological competitions between the US-Soviet Cold War and the US-China Tech Cold War
Justine Ma

Disparity Among Races During COVID-19: Asians and Africans in America
Yuting Emily Ma

QE or Not QE: Evaluation of the Possibility of QE in China
Fei Nan

Government Power and Individual Rights during Covid-19: A corpus-based analysis on the usage of should/yinggai in English and Chinese Culture
Zi Ying Ong

Universal Challenges of Gentrification When Redeveloping Cities: Lessons Taipei Can Draw From the World
Shao Cheng Ong

Did the Watchdog Bark? The Media Agenda Setting in Response to COVID-19
Isabella Peng

Face Mask Wastes and the Environment Challenge during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Amanda Qin

Surnames beginning with R, S, T, W, Y, Z

The Association of Ethnicity between Covid-19 Mortality Rates in the U.S.
Jassie Roberts

Mask Distribution System, A Case Study of Taiwan: The Combination of Technology and Material Elements
Ting-Yi Su

Analysis on the Efficiency of Language Policies in Mainland China during COVID-19
Libo Tan

The Dilemma Between Economics and Politics: the Geopolitics of Kinmen’s Water Diversion Project
Yi-Jie Tsai

Viewing China’s Public Opinion Issue in the Case of Mekong River Dam Controversy
Shaoqiu Wang

Domestic Violence in the Age of COVID-19
Siruo Wang, Zhouyan Gao

The Achievement Gap in Guizhou, China, Despite the Help of the Government
Haoran Wei

Examination for Negative Oil Price: An Out of the Common Incident
Shelley Weng

Predicting Infection Numbers of COVID-19 with the Simplified SIR Model
Huan-Cheng Wu

Multiculturalism Without the Awareness of Social Class
Jesse Wu

Coincidence, or Not? Correlation Between Pandemics and El Niño-Southern Oscillation
Jui-En Wu

“No, I don’t understand it!”: Multilingualism and COVID-19 in Taiwan
Shang-Chen Wu, Vera Huang

Termination Year for Lusheng: Identity of Mainland Chinese Students in Taiwan and the Allocation of Medical Resources during COVID-19
Hao Yang

The Correlation between Stereotypes and Disease Outbreaks: A Case Study of Homeless People in Taiwan
Ting-An Yang, Po-Chun Hsu

From Guilt Admitting to Self Rescuing and Society Spiriting: Plagues in Arts from Black Death to Spanish Flu to Covid-19
Chuqin Yang

Conflict between Area Development and Conservation of Endangered Animals: A Case Study of the Conservation of Leopard Cats in Miaoli, Taiwan
Yu-Chieh Yao

A Turning Point: The Reascension of Food Delivery Platforms During COVID-19 Pandemic
Wei Yen

Hidden Effects Of COVID-19 Pandemic: The Revelation of Inequality in Human Society
Zichuan Zhang

Luxury Industry under the Pandemic Crisis: COVID-19’s Influences and the Industry’s Future
Langxuan Zhao