Sep. 15, 2020 – Taiwan debuts and excels in International Economics Olympiad 2020

Taiwan has for the first time won 5 bronze medals and secured high rankings in the international Economics Olympiad (IEO) 2020.

The IEO, an international-level competition targeted at high schoolers confident of economic science and business management, consists of three pillars: individual-based economics examinations and financial literacy games (FLGs), as well as national team-based business case presentations.

The IEO 2020 was held online due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. The IEO host designed mechanisms to unite participants from around the globe and ensure fairness through efficient online real-time coordination. This year, participants were lucky to meet prestigious scholars, Mr. Eric Maskin, Nobel laureate in economics and Professor of Harvard University, Mr. N. Gregory Mankiw, Mr. Marc Uzan, and a lot more in guest lectures.

In 2020, the economics examination included multiple-choice and open-ended questions that challenged contestants’ problem-solving skills in micro- and macroeconomics. The FLG was a real-time online game that required contestants to maximize assets by manipulating portfolios in which bonds, ETFs, real estate, and stock shares were possible leverage tools. The business case presentations echoed the global pandemic challenge, focusing on pricing strategic proposals for a COVID-19 vaccine firm aiming at international market shares.

Overall, Taiwan ranked the 8th among all 29 participating countries and the 3rd in Asia-Pacific, after Indonesia and New Zealand. In business case presentations, Taiwan even secured the 5th place out of 29 teams and the 2nd, placing only after Indonesia in Asia-Pacific.

Team Taiwan comprised 5 contestants, 2 team leaders, and 1 observer. All Taiwanese contestants were all awarded honors of bronze medals in the Olympiad. They were Jonathan Hsu from Taipei American School, Katherine Kai-Lin Liu and Yvette Yu-Jia Tseng from Taipei Fuhsing Private School, Katelyn Sing-ing Kuo from Shanghai High School International Division, and Samuel En-Cheng Liu from Kang Chiao International School. The national team was led by the 2 leaders, Mr. Joseph Tsai and Miss Maggie Huang, the President and the Executive Director of the Taiwanese Association for Simulation Education (SimEd Taiwan), and an observer Mr. Ban-He Li from the Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University (NTU).

Excellent contestants were selected from the Taiwanese Economics Olympiad (TEO). Recognized by the IEO, the TEO is the only approach to the IEO for Taiwanese high schoolers. The 2020 TEO was hosted by SimEd Taiwan and the School of Big Data Management, Soochow University (SCU).

The TEO also gained professional support from Mr. Adam Chen, the CEO, Ms. Ruby Ho, the Head of Global Markets, and Ms. Ruth Lee, the Head of Corporate Sustainability of HSBC Bank (Taiwan), academic support from Professors Keng-Yu Ho and Yan-Shing Chen from the Department of Finance, NTU, Professor W. Paul Chiou from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University, and Professor Kuo-Chih Yuan from the Department of Economics, SCU (in alphabetical order by university name), as well as operations support from Taipei Fuhsing Private School, and Topedia International Education. Insights from practitioners and academics were valuable for contestants to seek higher-level achievements in economics and business.

The team is proud to secure 5 bronze medals and high rankings in fierce rivalry with contestants from all continents all over the world. With an aspiration of higher achievements in the Olympiad, SimEd Taiwan will continue strengthening ties with the IEO and introducing domestic academic and business resources to Taiwanese high school students who set their sights on becoming young economics talents on the international stage.


Contact: Joseph Tsai, President of SimEd Taiwan (+886 928 903 293;

Jul. 4, 2020 – [New event] Asia Pacific Youth forum on Humanities and Social Sciences

With a view to developing literacies in social sciences such as geography, economics, history, linguistics, political science, and sociology, as well as skills of utilizing literature, historical sources, and fieldwork data, the Taiwanese Association for Simulation Education (SimEd Taiwan) organizes the Asia Pacific Youth forum on Humanities and Social Sciences for adolescents from the Asia-Pacific region to transform their academic interests into fruitful research outcomes.

The APHS envisions to create a platform for idea exchange among high schoolers with analytical and critical thinking from different cultural backgrounds.

Read the annual regulation for more information on the Forum.

May 10, 2020 – The first TEO has marked a success in economics competitions for youth in Taiwan

On May 9, 2020, the first Taiwanese Economics Olympiad (TEO, branded as “EcOlympiad Taiwan”) marked a success of economics competitions for youth in Taiwan. Despite challenges of the global outbreak of COVID-19, 80 young economics enthusiasts from across the country participated in the competition, and 16 out of them were selected to the Final to compete for the 5 tickets to the 2020 International Economics Olympiad (IEO).

The TEO, first and internationally recognized national competition of the IEO in Taiwan, is organized for high school students interested in economics, finance, and business. Interdisciplinary knowledge and creative problem-solving skills are musts in the Olympiad. The competition is fully conducted in English, in which 16 contestants from a Preliminary of tests on economics and financial literacy advance to a Final for further challenges of business case presentations.

The first TEO is hosted by the Taiwanese Association for Simulation Education (SimEd Taiwan) and the School of Big Data Management, Soochow University. The TEO also invites Professor Keng-Yu Ho and Associate Professor Yan-Shing Chen from Department of Finance, National Taiwan University, and Mr. Adam Chen, the CEO and Ms. Ruby Ho, the Head of Global Markets of HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Limited as jury members. Insightful feedback from academics and practitioners is imperative for contestants to seek higher-level achievements in economics and business.

The TEO also collaborates with local high schools and education startups. Taipei Fuhsing Private School, the TEO’s first high school partner, is invited as a key role in promoting economics for youth. Topedia International Education Co., Ltd., the TEO’s first education startup partner, takes up the responsibility of contestant training in the country.

The TEO is currently the only platform for youth confident of economics, business, and finance in Taiwan. The TEO team also plans to organize various promotion events for high school students in the country and the second national competition in 2021.

For more details on the TEO’s future roadmap, please visit the official website of the TEO.


Contact: Joseph Tsai, President of SimEd Taiwan (+886 928 903 293;

May 4, 2020 – Must-knows for finalists

  1. All finalists and visitors (hereinafter participants) are required to wear masks at all times during the competition, follow on-site disease prevention measures (including body temperature check and hand disinfection). All participants must print and fill in the health questionnaire provided by Soochow University. This is a requirement of entry.

  2. The date of the Final is Saturday, May 9. The location is the Arts Center of the Downtown Campus of Soochow University (No. 56, Guiyang St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City). Visit the EcOlympiad Taiwan 2020 portal for directions.

  3. The check-in time is between 08:20 and 08:50. All finalists mush show their valid IDs (Taiwanese national IDs or passports) for identification check. The entire event will end at. 17:30. finalists who need long-distance travel are recommended to make travel bookings based on the scheduled time.

  4. The Final consists of business case presentations with the same theme. All finalists will receive the theme when the competition begins. Each finalist has 60 minutes for preparation for his/her oral presentation which is 8 minutes long and followed by a 5 minutes long Q&A session. The entire competition must be conducted in English.

  5. The assessment in the Final is conducted during a finalist's oral presentation. All oral presentations are video recorded. There are no dress codes for the day – simplicity is the best policy. Disclosure of personal information on wearings may result in disqualification from the competition.

  6. Finalists are allowed to bring personal laptops and chargers for their preparation. Wi-Fi is available at the site, so finalists are recommended to check the Wi-Fi access function of their electronic devices in advance. Finalists are allowed to search for information on the internet, while reaching out to real persons for help is strictly prohibited and may result in disqualification from the competition.

  7. After the competition begins, all finalists are not allowed to use any electronic devices (including phones, tablets, computers, etc.) before the competition ends. The preparation time before an oral presentation is the only exception. It is recommended that finalists read books during their wait.

  8. All visitors are welcome to take part in the keynote speech (14:00-15:00) and the awards & closing ceremony (15:00-16:00). The site is not open to non-finalists persons between 09:00 and 13:00 due to the disease prevention policy of the site.

Apr. 15, 2020 – Finalists announced

The 16 finalists* are announced on the portal of EcOlympiad Taiwan 2020.

Congratulations to contestants entering the last round before the international competition! 🎉

Finalists will receive an email on must-knows before and in the Final.

*Contestants ranked 17th and after are able to fill vacancies if any of the 16 finalists withdraws from the Final.

Mar. 23, 2020 – ⚠️ Contestants can apply for full refund for health management reasons

The competition is organized in accordance with the Instruction for Public Assemblies (in Traditional Chinese only) published by the Central Epidemic Control Center (CECC). The competition organization will enforce strict disease prevention measures on the day.

Contestants with concerns about personal or family health management can apply for withdrawal from the competition with full refund guaranteed by the end of Thursday, March 26, 2020 by email, Facebook fan page, or phone.*

*See the Contacts page for contact details.

Mar. 22, 2020 – ⚠️ Symptomatic travelers returning from the US and East Asia between March 8 and March 18 subject to home quarantine and testing for COVID-19: CECC

On March 21, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that travelers who departed from the United States and East Asia between March 8 and March 18 and developed symptoms in the aforementioned period of time are required to undergo home quarantine and be tested for COVID-19 for retrospective investigation reasons.

Contact local public health bureaus or the Centers for Disease Control at 1922 for more details.

Mar. 21, 2020 – ⚠️ Submission of Health Declaration as an entry requirement*

All contestants must submit Health Declaration (in Traditional Chinese only**) at check-in on the Preliminary day.

A template of the Declaration has been sent to email addresses of all contestants.

Failure to do so may result in disqualification in the competition.

*The requirement is part of the disease prevention measures on campus.**See this page for the literally translated version of the Declaration in English. Submitted Declaration should be in Traditional Chinese.

Mar. 18, 2020 – ⚠️ Disease prevention policy

The disease prevention policy against COVID-19 will be strictly enforced throughout the Preliminary. Understand the policy before you arrive:

1. All contestants must wear masks at all times.

  • There will be NO mask supply on campus.

  • Contestants without masks may NOT enter the campus in accordance with the policy.

2. All contestants must disinfect hands and take body temperatures before entering examination venues.

  • Disinfectants and body thermometers will be provided on campus.

3. There will be a spare venue for any special circumstances.

  • Do let us know if you feel unwell on the day.

Mar. 15, 2020 – Preliminary Examination Regulation

Please visit the Regulations page for details.

Mar. 15, 2020 – Preliminary contestant list

80 Taiwanese contestants will participate in the Preliminary.

Please visit the portal of EcOlympiad 2020 for more details.

Mar. 15, 2020 – International Economics Olympiad 2020 postponed

The International Economics Olympiad 2020 (IEO-2020) is postponed due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) around the globe. New dates of the IEO-2020 will be no earlier than September 1, 2020. Confirmed dates will be announced by the IEO team.

As suggested by the IEO team, all domestic procedures should remain the same as planned. All competition rounds for the IEO-2020 in Taiwan are NOT subject to rescheduling. However, planned contestant training between May and July this year has been rescheduled to July and August. Training dates have yet to be confirmed.

Please visit the IEO's official website for more details on the arrangement.

Feb. 27, 2020 – Preliminary rundown updated

The rundown of the Preliminary has been updated with specified time for check-in. See Regulations page for details.

Feb. 26, 2020 – Answer key of example test paper published

The answer key of the example test paper has been published onto the About page.

Feb. 24, 2020 – Online registration opens

The online registration for the 2020 Taiwanese Economics Olympiad is now open!

Check out must-knows on the Registration page and complete your registration by Mon., Mar. 9, 2020.