EcOlympiad TAIWAN 2020


Annual REview


  • February 24–March 9: Online registration

  • March 28: National Preliminary

  • April 20: Announcement of Finalists

  • May 9: National Final (selection of Taiwanese contestants in the IEO 2020*) and awards ceremony

  • May–July: Taiwanese contestant training for the IEO 2020

*The International Economics Olympiad 2020 will be held in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan on July 21–30, 2020.

Preliminary LOCATION

Taipei Fuhsing Private School

No. 262, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City


  • Metro (MRT)

    • Zhongxiao Fuxing station (BL15/BR10) on the Blue and Brown Lines

    • Zhongxiao Dunhua station (BL16) on the Blue Line

  • Buses

    • 204, 212, 262, 278, 299, 521, 600, 605, 903, 919, Zhongxiao Metro Bus at Dinghao Market stop.

    • 0 East, 33, 52, 275, 278, 292, 294, 556, 630, 688, 902, 905, 906, 909, 913, 939, Dunhua Metro Bus at Ren'ai Junior High School stop.

    • 37, 261, 270, 311, 621, 630, 651, Ren'ai Metro Bus at Taipei City Hospital Ren'ai Branch stop.

    • 41, 204, 226, 278, 685, Fuxing Metro Bus at He'an Li stop.


Downtown Campus, Soochow University, Taipei

No. 56, Section 1, Guiyang St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City


  • Metro (MRT)

    • Ximen station (G12/BL11) on the Green and Blue Lines

    • Xiaonanmen station (G11) on the Green Line

  • Buses

    • 38, 235, 270, 662, 663, 1503 at Soochow U. (City Campus) stop

    • Zhongshan Metro Bus, Chongqing Metro Bus, Ren'ai Metro Bus, 9, 12, 20, 202, 205, 212, 218, 223, 234, 246, 250, 253, 260, 265, 302, 307, 310, 604, 651, BL29 at Xiaonanmen stop

    • 38, 252, 262, 262 (Shuttle), 304, 604, 660 at MRT Xiaonamen Station stop



School of Big Data Management, Soochow University

Having insight in the trend, targeting future, coordinating across departments and colleges, Soochow University pioneers to found “School of Big Data Management” to cultivate big data specialist satisfying business requirements. Expecting to be the national big data specialist-training base, we seamlessly aim at training talented students and satisfying business practical need.

Taiwanese Association for Simulation Education (SimEd Taiwan)

SimEd Taiwan promotes simulation education that puts knowledge into practice. SimEd Taiwan is experienced in organizing campaigns where young talents from elementary schools and high schools are able to create self-tailored learning packages for their aspired academic fields.

General partners

Topedia International Education Co., Ltd.

Topedia, an experienced specialist in international education, is a professional consultant in innovative and experimental education and a learning companion with students all along. Topedia has developed an array of learning packages and consultation services to facilitate students’ progression along their learning paths, where they strike sparks off each other.

Taipei Fuhsing Private School

Taipei Fuhsing Private School aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where students are encouraged to explore their full potential and achieve their individual best. Students will be challenged and engaged through authentic learning opportunities to develop skills in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, global mobility and resilience.



Multiple-choice and open-ended questions on theory and practice


Multiple-choice and open-ended questions on theory and practice

Business case

Presentation of case solutions

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