2021 AYSS Journal

A stage for hig schoolers from different cultural backgrounds!

We aim to ignite passion for social sciences.

We look forward to sparks in economics, business, history, geography, political science, sociology, and linguistics. (but don't limit to them!)

We emphasize support from contemporary, historical, and hands-on resources.

So we organize the Journal – a virtual platform at this difficult time – for high schoolers from different corners of the region to create and share!

*Works involved with plagiarism are subject to disqualification.

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🥇 Gold Awards

  • 21E018 – Examining the Datan LNG Project as an Instance of Conflict Between Environmental Preservation and Modernization in the Energy Sector

  • 21E021 – An Analysis of the Green Iguana characteristics and its impact on the Green Iguana Invasion in Taiwan and Suggestions of Potential Methods of Control

  • 21E024 – Urban Redevelopment and Urban Entrepreneurism: The development model and residential concerns of Nangang District

🥈 Silver Awards

  • 21E009 – The High Nitrogen Pollution in China: How Political Factors Affect the Use of Fertilizers

  • 21E016 – The Illusion Game: Finding the Spark of Humanity in Machine Translators

  • 21E031 – Strategies to Eradicate Food Insecurity and Poverty

  • 21E034 – Tencent: The Meteoric Rise of China’s Big Three and What the New Crackdown on Big Tech Means for the Tech Titan

🥉 Bronze Awards

  • 21C001 – 尋出比特幣價格變動因子之實證研究

  • 21E002 – Causes of Risk of HIV on Disadvantaged Groups in Society

  • 21E006 – A Study on Multitudinous Aspects of Taiwan’s Petrochemical Industries History, Problems, and Possible Industrial Shifts to Build a Stronger and More Stable Internal Structure

  • 21E008 – Modern Concept Analysis and Human Effects of Color Psychology: A Case Study of the Kaohsiung Gas Explosion

  • 21E010 – How Distance Education Is Perceived through Media: A Corpus Study on United Daily News in Taiwan

  • 21E011 – Reflections on the Social and Environmental Injustices Caused by the Petrochemical Industry in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

  • 21E013 – Censorship: A Bulwark Against Unfair Elections

  • 21E014 – Chasing Dreams: Taking Action to Narrow Urban–Rural Gap on Learning Resources for Aboriginal Children

  • 21E015 – Streaming Media Growth in Recent Years: The Business Model Comparison of Netflix and YouTube

  • 21E020 – Citizens’ Health vs. High-tech Industries: Analyzing the Unequal Distribution of Water Resources in Hsinchu, Taiwan

  • 21E023 – The Contradictory Position of Taiwan’s Night Markets: Formal and Informal Economic Models in Urban and Rural Settlements

✨ Honorable Mentions

  • 21C003 – 性別文化霸權的脈絡分析──以同性戀文化在華人社會的發展為例

  • 21C007 – 苗栗市客家米食特色探究

  • 21C008 – 老街發展研究──以林口街為例

  • 21E003 – The Global Mental Health Under COVID-19 Uncovered: Healthcare Workers in Focus

  • 21E005 – Memorial Places, the Formation of Collective Memory, and Postcolonialism: An Analysis of International Memorial Places and the Kaohsiung Gas Explosion Memorial Park Based on Postcolonial Theories

  • 21E019 – Curbing the Pandemic Spread in Different Political Systems: An Analysis of Vaccination Policies in the United Kingdom and China During Covid-19

  • 21E022 – Evaluation of Government Measures Against Droughts in Taiwan

  • 21E025 – Governmental Policies Reinforce the Entrenchment of Stigmatization Surrounding Marginalized Industries – Sex Industry Under COVID-19

  • 21E029 – From Pets to Pests: Political Ecology of Green Iguanas in Taiwan

  • 21E030 – Mitigating the Crisis of Global Climate Change: Development of Sponge Cities in China

  • 21E032 – How NIMBY Effects Negatively Influenced Homeless People in Wanhua

  • 21E033 – The Socioecological Impacts of Green Iguanas as an Invasive Species in Taiwan

👍 Qualified Works

  • 21C002 – 台灣社會更生人就業現況探討及再犯率降低可能評估分析

  • 21C004 – 美元──國際貨幣:探討美元及未來貨幣發展趨勢

  • 21C006 – 電動機車政策評估:來自製造商與消費者的回應

  • 21C009 – 台灣運動產業發展現況──以籃球經紀人的視角探討

  • 21E001 – Probe into Telomerase and Cancer Treatment

  • 21E004 – Discussion on the Application and Development Possibility of Machine Learning in Modern Life

  • 21E007 – The Current Development of Taiwans Energy Industry and How to Implement an Effective Green Energy Cconomy in the Transformation of the Energy Industry

  • 21E012 – Uneven Distribution of Education Resources in Taiwan

  • 21E017 – The Meal for the Mother Earth

  • 21E026 – Challenges Faced by the Visually Impaired During Travel in China

  • 21E027 – The Violence of Genetic Technology: The Scientific and Cultural Politics of Taiwanese Identity After the 1990s

  • 21E028 – The Relationship of Humane Treatment and Animal Welfare on Removing the Alien Species of Green Iguanas

  • 21E035 – Self Identities Between Taiwan and Kinmen

  • 21E036 – Effective Utilization of Kinmen Sources After Battlefields

  • 21E037 – Comparison of Kinmen and Matsu Liquor Industry Marketing Models